Hello there, if you've found yourself here it means you're slightly interested to see who's behind Firewood Film! It's only Robert and Heidi, soon to be a Husband & Wife Team.

Photos by Bethany & James 


Me and Robert met in my home town of Telford in 2011, his band played our local pub frequently and I couldn't help but thing 'dang, he's too cute!' Robert finally popped the question in October 2018, we planned to finally have the perfect day and get married in September 2020 however we've sadly had to post-pone like many other couples due to the Covid19 situation BUT we aren't going to let it get us down because we now have a new date in May 2021 eeeek!


We bought our first home together back in 2017 in South Yorkshire and introduced our chubby British Shorthair called Thunder into our little family who we love sooooo much. We both adore animals so if you're planning to have your dog at your wedding, we are on board!!


We have been capturing our own lives through a lens and making sure we document every moment of our adventures together. We believe Photography is a gift and we are so blessed to be able to freeze time and re live it all over again. We are true romantics at heart and we love, love! 

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Photos by Bethany & James